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Home Care Testimonials in East Tennessee

"Having Personal Care Choices has been a real comfort to my family because my in-laws have been able to stay in their home with their own lives."
- Evans B on the services her mother-in-law Mrs. B receives from Personal Care Choices

My mother-in-law has Alzheimer's, mobility issues, and diabetes, and in October of '09, she had fallen and had broken her arm. I called Personal Care Choices that morning, and they had someone out that night.

One of the people that came that night, Dianne, has been working with my mother-in-law ever since.

We've built a relationship with these caregivers. They have become family members to us, which has been lovely.

With Personal Care Choices, I don't have to worry about whether they're going to get their work done or not. It's a very good service, and I've had no issues with Personal Care Choices.

Because my mother-in-law cannot be left for a minute, we really need that consistency of someone always showing up on time, always being there and always knowing exactly what to do without the family having to intervene.

And Personal Care Choices provides us with that stability.

My in-laws have lived out at their farm for nearly 60 years, and we've been happy that they have been able to continue with the life that they've known.

By keeping my in-laws together, they've been able to live out these frail years together and not be separated by a nursing home, which was our goal with Personal Care Choices.

It's been a gift to my in-laws for them to continue their lives, and my husband and I can continue to have our lives with the services of Personal Care Choices.
"I can really be my own person with Personal Care Choices."
- Isaac M, age 30, on the services he receives from Personal Care Choices to assist him with his cerebral palsy.

I found Personal Care Choices back in 2007 through my day program, and I have used them ever since.

Life would be really, really hard without Personal Care Choices. They help with baths and my meals from time to time and assist with personal care.

There are lots of things I get to do with the assistance of Personal Care Choices.

They help me live life to the fullest. I get to go out to eat. I get to go places. We go to the park, to the store, and to friends' houses.

They are so good to me and assist any and every way they can. My caregiver Thomas is here four or five days a week, and he helps me so much.

With my (disability), I'm in a wheelchair for twelve to thirteen hours a day, and they help me maintain a normal life.

I really, really love Personal Care Choices, and I would have no one else.

I even consider them a part of my family.
"[Personal Care Choices] has stepped in to provide the family that we don't have close by."
- Martie T on the services Personal Care Choices provides for her 24-year-old mentally challenged family member Jordan B

My 24-year-old niece Jordan is low-functioning. She's ambulatory, can't walk long distances, and is nonverbal. You have to do everything for her, essentially.

When my husband and I first got involved with Personal Care Choices, Jordan was having seizures where she was falling and getting hurt and having several emergency room visits.

She needed 24/7 hands-on care, and we were exhausted. That's when we found Personal Care Choices.

Personal Care Choices gives us the opportunity to do the things we need to do. They do the things that, if we had family nearby, those family members would be doing, but we don't have that.

For Jordan, we have an awesome caregiver. Karlee "gets" Jordan. She takes the time to figure out what Jordan wants and what Jordan needs.

She doesn't look at Jordan as a severely retarded young adult. She looks at her as Jordan, and Jordan thinks of her as her best friend.

Karlee is an extension of us. She makes sure that Jordan is always doing things and leading a normal life for a 24-year-old – going out shopping and doing things that girls her age like to do.

Karlee is definitely a part of family. She's getting married in May, and Jordan is going to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. She really is awesome.

Without her and Personal Care Choices, things would be so much more difficult. They provide life for us.
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